Tax Depreciation – On Site Assessment

Seymour Consultants can provide a full tax depreciation schedule with an onsite assessment carried out by one of our experts, for only $445.

Your self-assessed tax depreciation schedule will be completed using information that you provide us with when you complete the online form below.

How to Organise your Tax Depreciation Schedule – Onsite Assessment:

If you have chosen a self-assessed tax depreciation schedule just complete the online form and we will prepare your tax depreciation schedule using the information you have provided. This is a good option for the budget conscious who have the required information on hand.

How we prepare an onsite Tax Depreciation Schedule:

  • An onsite property inspection carried out by one of our professionals.
  • Identifying eligible depreciation assets
  • Compiling all necessary records to substantiate claim
  • Checking all necessary documents relating to property
  • Tax Depreciation Schedule is prepared within 7 days of site visit

Your Tax Depreciations Schedule will include:

  • Method Statement;
  • Summary – Diminishing Value Method of Depreciation;
  • Summary – Prime Cost Method of Depreciation;
  • Detailed forecast table listing all depreciable items and building write offs
  • Accurate depreciation deductions for each financial year.

Once you have your Tax Depreciation Schedule from Seymour Consultants, it is valid for the life of the property, or until your next capital improvements are made.

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