Slow and steady wins the race.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Whilst Sydney and Melbourne have experienced unpresented rates of growth in 2015 it has left many wondering if the bubble will burst. So far the growth in the property market has levelled out, but all eyes are on the Brisbane property market.

The Brisbane housing market is one of the strongest in Australia with month on month and year on year of sustainable growth. The past three years has seen the market go from strength to strength without the peaks and troughs that we have seen in Sydney and Melbourne.

As the average house price increases, it does so at a steady rate, thus the market is growing organically.

Whilst some areas of Queensland are not growing at the same rate, there have been government initiative put in place to improve the infrastructure with the view of creating jobs and raising the profile in those areas.

The Gold Coast has continued to show steady growth and with the Commonwealth Games coming in 2018 we have seen a lot of improvements in the infrastructure which will only contribute to growth in and around the Gold Coast.

When choosing an area to invest in, steady growth and stability is important. So if you do decide to look at buying property that has sustainable growth, Queensland seems to be the most logical choice. When you have purchased your investment property call SC Tax Depreciations and see how we can save you money on your investment property. We can guarantee you will save more than the cost of your report in the first year alone.

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