What is the right time to invest in property?

You may have heard the proverb, when is the right time to invest? Now! But that doesn’t mean you should rush your decision or get caught up in news stories of falling house prices. Even though technically, the sooner you invest the sooner you can start to accumulate capital growth and/or cashflow, you’re better off taking the time you need

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Merry Christmas from the team at SC Tax Depreciations

Here’s smart money tips for Christmas. Leading up to Christmas is a good time for a clear out. Along with clearing out clutter and unwanted items, it can be a good opportunity to make some extra cash. The for not letting your Christmas spending get out of control is to be prepared with a list. List who you need to

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Slow and steady wins the race.

Whilst Sydney and Melbourne have experienced unpresented rates of growth in 2015 it has left many wondering if the bubble will burst. So far the growth in the property market has levelled out, but all eyes are on the Brisbane property market. The Brisbane housing market is one of the strongest in Australia with month on month and year on

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Negative fears for negative gearing

Construction is a clear sign of a booming economy. Australia is currently putting a strong focus on growing the housing supply. Whilst the population grows and our emigration policy is looking at allowing up to 190,000 permanent migrants in this year alone, the government is pushing for more housing to accommodate the masses. Sydney and Melbourne saw the repercussions of

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Good news is good news

2016 has been a time of uncertainty, with many predicting doom and gloom, however 2016 has pleasantly surprised us. We’ve seen our Australian Dollar go from strength to strength which is definitely a sign of good times. Even the forecasts of our property market taking a nose dive have been discredited with outstanding real estate sales being recorded throughout Australia

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House prices

Talk in the market place that property prices will be slashed in half has been discredited by yet another strong month of house sales across Australia. Whilst economists differ in their opinion, the media gave widespread attention to Jonathan Tepper, a US researcher, who claimed house values would drop by 50% this year. However, if you go to any Sydney

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Top tips for buying an investment property

Do the math. When buying an investment property take all the costs associated with it into account, this may mean talking to your accountant to work out the tax implications. You need to look at the mortgage, body corporate fees, agency fees, water, council fees and all the associated cost in buying your property. Once you have worked out your

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Choosing a Residential Rental Property

Choosing a residential rental property to buy is a complex decision. Of course, it’s a good idea to gain advice specific to your circumstances. But, there are some general areas to consider when you’re selecting a potential investment property. What is the Local Rental Market Doing? For example, are similar residential rental properties in the area frequently tenanted? It’s a

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Residential or Commercial? How Property Investments Differ

While residential property investment is a popular choice, some people choose to invest in commercial property instead. Commercial rentals are a broad category, including many different kinds of investments, such as offices, shopping centres, retail spaces, factories, or warehouses. When you’re choosing a new investment property, you might wonder about whether it’s better to select a residential or commercial property.

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Holiday Home Rentals and Tax Deductions

For some people, a popular investment decision is to rent out a holiday house. You might have found an appealing property in a great location, and want to enjoy it yourself from time to time, while also renting it out as a holiday rental at other points. This can be a great balance between potential financial benefits, and the ability

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