Merry Christmas from the team at SC Tax Depreciations

Merry Christmas from the team at SC Tax Depreciations

Here’s smart money tips for Christmas.

  • Leading up to Christmas is a good time for a clear out. Along with clearing out clutter and unwanted items, it can be a good opportunity to make some extra cash.
  • The for not letting your Christmas spending get out of control is to be prepared with a list. List who you need to buy presents for, and some ideas if you have them. List the food and drinks you’ll need and where possible buy shelf items or frozen items on special.
  • Don’t ignore your spending or it will quickly add up. Keep track of everything.
  • Beware of buy now pay later options or using your credit card for purchases. Make alternative choices or do without. Don’t start the new year with unnecessary debt.
  • With a large extended family, gift buying can soon add up. If you’re struggling, suggest a secret Santa option where you draw a name out of a hat and just buy a gift for that person, or agree to buy presents for children only. Another option is to
  • It’s not too late to plan for next Christmas! Look for presents during the year when sales are on. It will also take the stress away from last minute shopping.

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At SC Tax Depreciations, we understand that every investment situation is different and therefore needs to be assessed on an individual basis. With over 25 years’ experience in Tax Depreciation and Quantity Surveying, we’ll show you the smartest way to manage your asset.

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