Good news is good news

Good news is good news

2016 has been a time of uncertainty, with many predicting doom and gloom, however 2016 has pleasantly surprised us.

We’ve seen our Australian Dollar go from strength to strength which is definitely a sign of good times.

Even the forecasts of our property market taking a nose dive have been discredited with outstanding real estate sales being recorded throughout Australia week in week out.

So far 2016 has given us a level of normalcy that we have not felt from the economy for some time. 2016 is giving everyone the chance to take a breath from all the uncertainty we have felt since the GFC.

With all the good news going around it’s hard not to get complacent with the good times, however when things look good that’s usually when the Federal Reserve put their prices up and the good news quickly turns to bad news, however this has not been the case so far.

As both the Australian and global markets are looking strong, we can look at the good news and enjoy it. Take 2016 as a chance to relax, regroup and build towards a better future. Whilst the property market is booming, unemployment levels are improving year on year and the world looks like it’s positive.

With the property market looking so strong this could be the best time to invest. Don’t pay more tax than you need to when you buy an investment property, call SC Tax Depreciations and discuss how you can make your money work for you.

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